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UC News is an android app which serves you with latest news updates right on your smartphone. UC News app provides you with latest business. finance, entertainment news for free. So Download UC News app for android now.
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Category: News

Size: 3.4MB

Update: 2017-10-18

Version: 2.0.6

Requires: Android2.2 or later

Offered : UCWeb

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Download UC News APP Free!

UC News APP : With the introduction of mobile phones, people have used them for a number of activities ranging from writing text messages, making phone calls, playing recreational games and listening to music. Come 2000s, and mobile phones were taken over by their spiritual successors, the smartphones. People were (and they still are) crazy over smartphones. Those small pocket sized PDAs, which could do almost anything. From writing emails, to taking spectacular photographs, smartphones are the all-in-one package for entertainment and work, both. Smartphones have gained so much popularity over their features, specifications, and moreover, the application programs (or apps) they run. Today, there are over 10 million apps available for different app stores across the web. Smartphones support a number of operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, Tizen and Bada, so no wonder there are so many UC News app and games available for every smartphone. Also Download UC Browser for PC


Since the turn of the century, people have seen a change in the way the world works. The world is becoming more digital, and analogue approach to life (and work) is slowly fading away into the obscureness of the past. Earlier, there were no cars, people either took bicycles or used to walk on foot, or rode on horsebacks. Today we have fast cars and other modes of transportation like airplanes, cruiser ships and bullet trains. So, change is constant with time. Without change time will not seem to have passed. Today, we have a number of smart devices around us. There are supercomputers, smartphones, laptops and tablets, which are owned by almost everybody. The world runs on these devices, and it is hard to imagine our lives without these items.

UC News – UC News APK – UC News App – UC News for Android

News is a great way to get to know about the worldly happenings around us. It has been around since a long time, and people rely on it for all the daily happenings around them. Topics like war, politics, government, heath, education, weather and economy are covered, along with some bizarre topics as well. With the introduction of the printing press, newspapers have gained quite popularity, and it tough to imagine a life without newspapers. Moreover, newspapers have become a trend, rather than a mere mode of providing information. But today, thanks to smartphones, people are warding themselves off from the physical media for news and smartphones and computers have become the hub for all the news. People do not have time for watching television or sitting idle reading the newspaper. Thanks to smartphones, all people need is an internet connection and they have all the information at their fingertips.

UC NEWS | Download & Install UC News APK APP for Android free!

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Talking of news apps, one such popular news service is UC News app downloadUC News is your one stop news app and website for all the worldly happenings at your disposal.




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About UC News APK for Android

UC News India was launched as an extension to UC Browser, a few years back. It has been developed by UCWeb (a subsidiary of Alibaba Group), the developers behind UC Browser. Alibaba Group is famous for a number of services like AliExpress, 9Apps, and many other web services. Just like its parent web browser, UC News too is based on the world famous U3 Engine, and it too makes use of data compression and cloud acceleration technology which makes it fast and data efficient. Unlike other news apps and websites, UC News is 100% news and very little ads. The developers have made a clear agenda behind all their apps, that performance and experience is of the utmost priority. Because of that, and some other small features, and today, UCWeb has become one of the most liked app services in the world. UC News provides all the latest world news with just a touch of screen or the click of a button. The app is quite open sourced, and is available for download (for free) on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and is available on the web as well. With the data compression technology, whatever news is viewed by the user, it gets compressed so that the content loads faster and with ease. Because of that, there are no freezes or crashes. The cloud acceleration technology maintains the responsiveness and it even allows the quick delivery of data to the user. According to Economic Times, by the end of 2016, UC News had over 90 million active users from India, China, Russia, Poland, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, which is way past the total sum of every other news app.

So, download your version of UC News today, for free!

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uc news

Features of UC News App for Android –

UC News apk is loaded with tons of features. Credits go to UCWeb (subsidiary of Alibaba Group), for equipping its software and apps with some great attributes. Even UC Browser is filled with some great features like – streaming free movies, television series and even downloading videos for free, playing games, download other apps and what not! You name it and they deliver. Even their tagline fits them perfectly – UC Inside, World in Hand.

UCWeb along with UC NEWS APP provides all the great mobile and web services worldwide. Though it is based in the small province of Guangzhou, in China, it covers almost 65% of the world with its products and services in one form or the other. Since its acquisition by Alibaba Group, in 2014, UCWeb’s progress has been quite noticeable (and appraisable). Talking of UC News for android, some of the great features which UCNews APK offers are-


  • It has a breaking news column, which features all the latest and the trending news from around the globe. Breaking news is common to all the users, as it features all the top news related to sports, politics, weather, entertainment and other local news. Users can customize their likes and dislikes for every other news content i.e. a sports fan can customize his news feed to feature most of the sports news, while a businessman can customize his news feed to feature Sensex and other finance oriented news content.
  • UC News app has its ties with popular news providers like Economic Times, Times of IndiaHuffington Daily and even Filmfare (in India), and because of that the news feed is quite large. With such a well spread network, you can expect it to cover almost every category in news. Apart from that, it even has a 20 regional languages support (in India). The news is available in Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali and many other regional languages.
  • There is a dedicated Entertainments section, where the users can get all the latest Bollywood and Hollywood news and buzz. Movie launches, trailer releases and box office earnings can be easily known with the help of UC News.
  • You have total control over what news is featured on your timeline. So, only see what you want to and hide all the rest. A recent update added offline support to the news. You can download all the news for the day in the morning, and read it anytime and anywhere later on (without having to turn on the internet).
  • You can synchronize your Facebook account to UC News download and directly share any news content to your profile. It not only saves time, but also saves memory as you would not have to access Facebook simultaneously. Such small things make ourselves happy, and our lives easier.

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  • You can also register (or sign up) to your UC account and never miss out on some great content anymore. To do that, go to Sign Up and then fill in some of your details like name, age, email address, and password and you are good to go. For Android users, you can also link your Google account directly to your UC News apk latest version for android for a quicker signup process.


  • There also is an embedded message centre where you can interact with fellow users and make some friends. Post your comments to get likes, interact with other users and get into debates, or create a community of your own with your followers.
  • You get all the latest news from almost every news daily like Times of India, India Today and Economic Times. News in other languages is available as well, like Hindi news from NDTV, Aajtak and Dainik Jagran; Tamil news from popular Tamil news channels like Webdunia and Vikatan; Telugu news from Annnews and Webdunia; Marathi news from ABP Marathi and Loksatta; Gujarati news from News18 and ABP Gujarat; Bengali news from ABP Ananda; Punjabi news from Bollywood Tadka; Kannada and Malyalam news from Udayavani and Eastcostdaily respectively. Thus, as you can see, when it comes to providing news, UC News delivers it quite smoothly.


  • The video section is responsible for all the trending, viral, famous videos. Others include video clips from movies, music videos, trailers for movies, and other sports related videos. Apart from that, news sessions can also be found in the video column.
  • You can get live scores from all of the major sports (both indoor and outdoor) like cricket, football, hockey and chess. You can also follow your favourite sportsmen to get an insight of their lives. Also, you get access to schedules, buzz, transfer information and even IPL and other county cricket scores using UC News’s sports section.
  • Hollywood and Bollywood news can also be viewed using UC News’s entertainment section. Latest movies, glamour world buzz, trailers and other teasers can also be accessed using the entertainment section. Movie reviews, movie ratings, audience reception and box office collection is also featured in the aforementioned category.
  • Memes, funny video clips and GIFs, photos, jokes in both English and Hindi, shayaris and other short poems can also be found using UC News download. Thus, it is your all in one entertainment package along with an accurate and reliable news app.
  • You get accurate weather report using UC News’s weather section. The weather section features the daily temperature, climate conditions, possibility of rain, humidity level and some other things. Apart from that, there even is a weather prediction column which tells us about how the weather for the entire week would be like. There are add-ons form the meteorological department, along with inputs from some other weather apps, so it is quite accurate.


  • It also has a reading mode (for smartphone and tablet users), which lowers the in app brightness for a more dim and warm reading experience. It not only reduces the strain on the eyes, but also saves a lot of battery.
  • There is an offline option, fully customizable news feed, a great search engine and many other features which make this app a critically acclaimed app to meet with all your news needs. For this reason it has been rated 4.1/5 on Google Play Store, and a new update has brought the topic discussion feature to it. Now, you can discuss news topics with millions of other users and share your opinions with them. Apart from the 20 regional languages, there has been an additional 15 languages added to the app.
  • The app is quite small in size and it does not even require a great smartphone or tablet to run. The iOS version is equally good as well, and it too is quite small in size. Till date, it has been downloaded more than 500 million times (on every platform) and it is regarded as the best news app out there (for free!). So download your copy of Install UC News today and get the best news experience ever!

uc news apk

UC News APK APP Download & Install

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How to Download & Install UC News App?

On Android-

To install UC News apk app on your Android device, you have to download the .APK file online. After that, do the following steps-

  • Save the .APK file to a safe and secure location on your device.
  • Open your device’s settings and go to security settings. Once there, tap on Enable Installation from Unknown Source to enable it. Once it gets enabled, you are free to install apps offline on your device.
  • Using a file manager, look for the .APK file on your device and open it to start the installation. After it gets installed, you can create a home-screen shortcut for faster access.


On iOS-

For all those iPhone and iPad users out there, installing UC News on your device is quite easy. All you have to do is download the .IPA file online and then do the following steps-

(Just make sure that you have iTunes installed on your PC before proceeding)

  • Connect your Apple device to your PC and launch iTunes.
  • Drag and drop the .IPA file for UC News to your iTunes library.
  • Click on Sync. Once the sync gets completed, you are good to go.

On Windows PC (or laptop)-

To do that, you need to have Bluestacks installed on your computer. Do the following steps-

  • Once you have downloaded the .APK file for UC News on your computer, open Bluestacks.
  • All you need to do is to drag and drop the .APK file (or copy, or move) to the Bluestacks App Player.
  • It will automatically begin the installation, and after it gets completed, you can launch it from the App Player’s homescreen.

Some more amazing features of UC News app are described below:

Watch latest and most trending videos from all around the world on this amazing all in one news app. There is a tab present within the app itself from where you can browse around thousands of videos on all the topics. Moreover like suppose you are reading a news and want to watch video related to that news, you can even do that through UC News by download it on your android device.

uc news features


Most of the amazing content which is present on UC News app are published via their users. There are hundreds of people who post latest and best news. The people whose news are best according to you; you can follow them personally using Follow features and get their updates instantly as soon they post it.

uc news follow feature


UC News Download allows you connect you app to your facebook account. This feature enables you to comment on stories and even add your own stories and news.


uc news offline mode

UC News apk app allows you to save news and stories so that you can read them later. This feature is also useful when you are not connected to the internet and still wants to read news and stories. This is one of the most attractive feature of UCNews APK as it follows you to read latest news, buzz and updates even when you don’t have an active internet connection.

UC News APK for Android vs. Other News Apps in market

UC News Download is your one news app which provides all the features of every other news apps combined. It may be small in size, but it is regarded as the best news app out there. Credits go to its cloud acceleration technology and its fast paced algorithm which makes it blazing fast and easy to use. Some of the reasons why UC News is better than every other news apps are-

  • It has a well-spaced out interface which is capable of showing content as per the requirements of the user. This makes it more reliable as it provides only the required information.
  • It has a vast news collection, which provides news from some of the best news dailies. Thus, the news UC News provides is more reliable, accurate and sublime to the core.
  • The data compression technology it uses is great as it reduces the load on the device’s performance, and saves a lot of internet data as well.

UC NEWS – Latest Indian Breaking News | Download UC NEWS App for Android

  • It has an offline reading option, which offline support for the news content, in case you wish to re-read the news (even without internet).
  • The reading mode makes the reading experience effortless and one does not even strain the eyes. You even get to save a lot of battery with reading mode enabled.
  • It is the only news app which supports so many languages and provides its news content from a number of languages (and regions). Thus, there are enough reasons to try out UC News.

Download UC News APK APP for Android Now!


UC News India is a great news app which provides all the latest and cent percent accurate news content daily. It is being used by millions of people and is trusted by them for all their daily news. It has a lot of news channel and media affiliations which makes it news content one of the largest in the world. So, if there is a worldly happening, it will be featured in UC News. It is a personal favourite app and we suggest you all to try it once. Download UC News from www.9appsapk.com toady!

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