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UC Browser for Android : Change in the field of technology is the new constant. Talking of old times, people never would have thought that one day there will be small gizmos in everybody’s hands, capable of making calls or clicking pictures. But come 2000s and smartphones became a reality. Earlier, browsing the web was a mammoth and privileged task. Not everybody owned the landline, and dial-ups were time consuming, but that 56 kbps connection was all people craved for. Though the connection used to drop frequently, people still were crazy about it. Thus, it started off a revolution and because of that, we own smartphones and have access to a great internet connections.

UC Browser | Download & Install UC Browser for Android | UC Browser APK

These days, everything is online. You have to book a cab, use the app, you have to send a letter, write an email. Slowly, the world is getting interconnected, with courtesy of the internet. Talking of internet, web browsing or surfing is that one thing which almost everybody likes (and loves). The internet is like that iceberg in an ocean of possibilities. There is that gigantic top portion (above the ocean) of the iceberg which is common to most of the people, while there is the even larger portion submerged in the water. Thus, the internet is huge. To access the huge world of the internet, you need a good web browser. A web browser which can handle all the load, which is swift, does not freeze up, or which even does not lag. Well, one such web browser is the UC Browser.

uc browser for pc

About UC Browser for Android version :

UC Browser is a gift to today’s generation by UCWeb, daughter to the world famous Chines giant, Alibaba Group. It has been released on a wide number of platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian OS, and even Blackberry OS. UC Browser PC version provides some of the most spectacular features which make it stand out tall in the pool of web browsers, both mobile level and smartphone based. It was originally released for Java powered mobile phones, but today, it owns the smartphone market when it comes to mobile web browsing. Credits go to its ever-so-popular U3 Engine and lots of other cool features which make it undoubtedly, the best mobile web browser today. As per official stats from UCWeb, the browser has been downloaded more than 800 million times (on Android alone, still counting for it’s new and latest PC version), and has a daily active user count up to 20 million. Both the PC browser and the smartphone app have received great ratings from critics, and a splendid feedback from users. The app is compatible with a number of devices (more than 10000 android devices), which makes the experience hassle-free and great.

Features of UC Browser for Android

This is the section where download UC Browser for Android steals the show. It is loaded with tons of features which make it loved by every user, and that is the reason behind it receiving a great score. Some of the key features of UC Browser are stated below-

  • It provides fast download speeds, saves your internet data, has an ad-blocker for a convenient internet experience, and even allows you to play music, videos and search for news online. There are some features specifically designed for smartphone users, which make it even fun to use.
  • UC Browser makes use of the famous data compression and cloud acceleration technology, which makes the pages load faster and downloads are swift. The compression method compresses the size of the page, which makes it load quickly and it even saves your internet data. Compression is that technique where a lower bit-rated signal is coated over a higher signal, making the experience smooth and fast.

UC Browser for Android

  • There is an embedded download manager of its own, so you need not download an extra download manager. This saves your device storage, and since the download manager is a part of the browser itself, it is well-compatible with the browser. Thus, downloading stuff on UC Browser PC is quite easy. The download manager supports a wide number of file formats, and it even allows you to download audio and video from websites like YouTube, Metacafe, and Vimeo, a feature which cannot be found on any other web browser.
  • The mobile web browser has full support of HTML5, JavaScript and even Adobe Flash, which brings a desktop class feel to the mobile browsing experience.
  • Those of you who want a more personalized web browsing experience, UC Browser has UC+ Open Platform, which has an SDK as well as a WebApp Store. Users can download apps for their device or PC using the WebApp Store.
  • Users do not need a third-party download engine with this browser. It comes pre-loaded with a download engine of its own, which solves most of the download issues. Downloading stuff, or even sharing links and videos becomes easy with UC Browser, as you can directly share the content to social networking websites and instant messengers using UC Browser.
  • You get a smooth web browsing experience as the pages load quickly, thanks to the cloud acceleration and data compression technology. With UC Browser, you will not experience browsing lags, stutter, or freezing anymore.
    Sports fans should rejoice as UC Browser app has an embedded sports news column, which features all the latest news and happenings in the world of sports. Cricket fans will love it as there is cricket news is featured timely in the app.
  • The compression technology compresses all the web content which saves a lot of data while browsing. It compresses the web content and it allows the page to load faster and run smoother. Also, it has its own DNS and proxy servers embedded, so websites load up easily (even the blocked ones).
  • There is also an ad-block embedded in the browser itself. Ads can really be frustrating at times, so UC handles such spams smartly and blocks them. As you already know, pop-up ads often carry viruses and malwares. So, to avoid them, use UC Browser.
  • It has a very efficient security feature, which makes your browsing experience more secure than ever. With UC Browser, feel safe as hackers will have a hard time tracking you down or even accessing your device inappropriately.
  • You can watch videos, movies and television series using UC Browser. Videos are categorized into different sections and genres.
    The browser has a unique Facebook mode, which speeds up Facebook regardless of the internet connection you are on. UC Browser works with every type of internet connection (even 2G and Edge).
  • Apart from that, there is a night mode as well, which allows you to easily use the device at night without straining your eyes. Also, there is an incognito mode as well, which makes your browsing experience private and secure.
  • The app has been rated 4.5/5 on Google Play Store, while it has been downloaded more than 500 million times, on Android alone. It is the best web browser right now, and because of that, the user count it boasts of, gets hiked by thousands daily.

How to Download and Install UC Browser for Android version

You need to download the .exe file online, and save it to a secure location on your Android device. After that, do the following steps-

  • Click on the download button.
  • Download process of UC Browser PC .exe file be started.
  • As soon as download process is completed, click on the downloaded file.
  • Follow the on-screen steps. And you are done.

Download UC Browser Vs. Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari – Which is the best?

UC Browser for Android is regarded as the best web browser and this is due to the splendid features it offers. Not only is it safe, fast and secure, but it even allows users to download videos and other stuff very easily. So, here are some reasons why UC Browser is better than the aforementioned web browsers-

UC browser Download for PC saves more than 60% data than Chrome and Firefox combined. A total of 1GB of web pages were loaded simultaneously on all three (Chrome, Firefox and UC Browser) browsers and credits go to UC browser’s data compression and cloud acceleration method, due to which it optimizes the web page data to the highest compression and makes it more responsive and quick to load.
It even has an inbuilt video player and downloader. With the help of this, users can download any good video they come across while surfing the web. There are a number of qualities to choose from and the video even gets played in the internal video player.
Download UC Browser PC reconstructs the entire web page into a more responsive and snappier one. Not only does it reduce the data used, it also reduces the loading time drastically, which makes the web browsing experience great.
The browser has been in the market for quite a long time now. It has been liked by many and a lot of people rely on it. With over 1 billion users worldwide, UC Browser has become the benchmark when it comes to comparing web browsers. So, download it today to experience it entirely.
There is full support of all the latest plugins like ad-block, proxies and DNS, and other features that make UC Browser one of the best browsers out there. With UC Browser, you can enjoy fast browsing experience, with less data usage. Thus, even if you do not have a fast internet connection, UC Browser is that one browser which will provide you with a great browsing experience anyhow.
Advanced Security features in Download UC Browser PC vesion
UC Browser uses all the latest data encryption technique, which makes it one of the safest web browsers out there. As per hundreds of reports, the English version of UC Browser is more robust and it even promotes encryption of data at every step. This makes the user-data safe and more secure than ever. Timely updates make UC Browser safe and reliable.

Other Features of UC Browser PC Download-

Apart from the many features stated above, UC Browser for Windows 7 has some small features which make the web browsing experience great. Some of them are-

  • The browser is available in a number of languages like English, Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, French, Vietnamese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, and even Indonesian. It not only states the diversity in languages which the browser has, but it even tell how vastly spread service it provides.
  • Since it is a free to use app (and service), more and more people use it. Everyday, there are thousands of people downloading UC Browser either on their computers or smartphones.
  • It is a small sized app consuming barely 50 MB on Windows, 19 MB on Android, and just 1.9 MB as its mini version (UC Mini Browser for Android). Unlike other browsers like Chrome and Firefox which take up more than 100 MB of storage space.
    Download UC Browser PC is available on a variety of operating systems like – iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, Windows PC, Symbian OS, Bada, MTK, and Tizen. Because of that, UC Browser has over a billion users worldwide, as most of the mobile phone users (and PC users) use UC today.
  • UC group is a well-known Chinese group. It is owned by Alibaba, the biggest online service retailer in Asia. So download UC Browser today and be a part of the greatest computing/networking groups in the world. And moreover UC Browser is also available for android devices. For android it is called UC MIni which can be downloaded from – http://ucminiapp.in/
  • With UC in your device, the world will be in your hands. This is what the tagline of UC Browser is, and it literally turns out to be true. Since the browser is the best one out there, you can do almost anything with the help of it. It is safe, secure, and it even allows you to watch free movies and videos online. All the premium features are enclosed in a small, free package. Thus, download UC Browser today and experience it all (for free).
  • Making payments via UC Browser download is 100% safe, and a lot of people use it for business as well. It has its own secure socket layers though which payments can be made easily and with privacy. The details are well protected and it maintains user privacy as its number one priority. Thus, enjoy an overall safe web experience with UC Browser. Download it online for free, today !Also Check : Gbwhatsapp Download

Final Verdict – Download UC Browser for Android

UC Browser for Android is a great web browser, which has great features. The browser is compatible with a variety of devices and because of that smartphone users (especially Android users) will have a great time using it. It contains a simple user interface, unlike many other web browsers which have a very gaudy interface. The file size is small and because of that it does not juice much storage on your device. To install the app, refer to the installation guide mentioned above. Users can add themes, customise the app as per their needs, and the app runs smoothly, without any glitches or bugs. As it uses the cloud acceleration technology, downloads on UC Browser are 0.25 times faster than those made on other web browsers. With an embedded download manager, users need not download any external downloader. It not only saves memory, but also saves a lot of battery life. UC Browser has a news section as well (known as UC News) which brings to you, all the latest worldly happenings. Thus, you do not need any other news app anymore. It is your one app with multiple features and functionalities. There is an ad-block and a speed booster as well. The ad-block keeps your device safe from all those spams and popup ads which often contain malwares and other viruses, while the speed booster keeps clearing your device’s RAM frequently, so that it never slows down while browsing the web. There is a support for reading mode and night mode as well. Reading mode makes your browser look like a softly lit Kindle-like device, which does not strain the eyes. Full screen mode is another mode for those of you who wish to take your browsing experience to the next level. It is better than other web browsers because other browsers need a fast device (with at least 2 GB of RAM and a dual core processor to run), while all UC Browser needs is an internet connection (as it runs even on a device with merely 1 GB of RAM). News fanatics will have a great time going through the news section of the app and keep themselves updated to all the worldly happenings. Faster and snappier than plenty of other browsers, great user-interface, well optimised with the battery and processor, video downloader, ad-blocker and plenty of more features make UC Browser loved by those people who love browsing the web. Thus, aforementioned reasons are enough to make anybody download and try this app out at once. Thus, download uc browser for PC today!

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