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Latest version of UC News for Android is out. As we have already written a detailed review of UC News you guys already know UC News Hindi is the best news app available for android for free download which provides you with latest news online.

uc news apk

Steps to download UC News – Latest Version

  1. First visit http://ucnewsapkapp.in/ on your web browser.
  2. Then click on download button.
  3. Your download process still begin
  4. After download process is completed, click on the .apk file.
  5. Your installation process will start.
  6. Once install is completed you can start browsing latest news updates on this app.

Get local News: UC News app provides all the local news in your area, and areas near you. You just need to activate location settings. This app will search for your current location and based on your location it will display news.

Once you have installed UC News, you will get live updates on scores of cricket also. Live Cricket score feature of this app makes it very popular among the youths. This news app is regarded as top news app in countries like India and indonesia.

UC न्यूज़ आपको  मनोरंजन, Business, technology, Live cricket, Bollywood इत्यादी से जुड़ी बड़ी और ट्रेंडिंग news देता है | UC न्यूज़ के साथ, आप बड़ी आसानी से news अपने friends के साथ social media, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Email और SMS के जरिए share कर सकते हैं और साथ ही हर time आपका mobile data भी बचाता है।

It offers clean user interface so that you get the best out of this app.

More features-

  1. ये आपके लिए trending news लाती है |
  2. ये आपका mobile डेटा भी बचाता है |
  3. Social media में शेयर करना आसान है |
  4. ये स्मार्ट है |

Download UC News app for Android Now from Here


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